How to Speed Up Charging of Your Smartphone

How to Speed Up Charging of Smartphone

Battery is one of the important part of a Smartphone. You need to remember few things to maintain your battery safe. These days Smartphones are coming with Fast Charging support like Qualcomm Quick charging, Dash charging etc. But for the Smartphones which does not support any type of Fast Charging feature, there are few tips to boost up charging speed. You are reading about “How to Speed Up Charging of Smartphone”.


1) Turn on the Airplane Mode on your Smartphone while charging. It will boost up your charging rate.

2) Turn Off your device if you are not using your Smartphone while charging. This is more effective than putting in Airplane mode.

3) Close all the unnecessary Apps during the charge time.

4) Decrease the brightness level on your Smartphone.

5) Uninstall the unused Apps which will help to charge your Smartphone faster.

6) Use the charger, whose voltage and Ampere match up with your Smartphone Capacity.

7) Put your Smartphone in power saving mode.

8) If you want to use themes on the Smartphone, Always use lite themes.

That’s all from my side if you know more tips to speed up charging of your Smartphone mention in comment section.

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