How to Fix Laptop’s Keyboard is Not Working

Laptop keyboard not working

Keyboard is an important hardware part for your computer and Laptop. But sometime keyboard does not work because of some software issues. So if your keyboard does not work properly, at that time you don’t have to worry. It can be fixed easily you have to just follow given steps. You are reading about How to fix Laptop keyboard not working problem.


1) Search for Device Manager and open it.

2) After opening Device Manager you will see a list. In list find keyboard Option.

3) When you click on Keyboard you will see one more option standard PS/2 keyboard. Right click on it.

4) Then uninstall it.

5) After uninstalling restart your computer.

6) Now if your laptop is locked open it using on screen keyboard. You will find this option from ease of access in right bottom.

7) Again open Device manager and then right click on your pc name (parent option). Then click on scan for hardware change.

8) Now check that the keyboard started working or not. If not restart your pc again.

9) That will do your job. Now the keyboard will work fine.

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